With the days counting down to the annual gift shopping season, parents wanting to reward their kids for good grades and exemplary behavior should invest in the hot new offerings from GameStop.  Parents see video games as a smart investment, because of the quality time spent enjoying the thrills the games provide.  Business investors see video games as a smart investment, too and are lining up to fund startups according to recent reports.  In 2017, there have been three significant companies that serve as good examples of the growth of video gaming which Forbes has even called a “renaissance.”  As the industry goes from consoles to digital platforms, overall, gains have been in the double and triple digits.  This year saw the first fund dedicated to gaming when the exchange-traded fund (ETF) announced the arrival of the ETF Managers Trust Video Game Tech ETF GAMR.

Goldman Sachs reports global revenue is up and is expected to hit nearly $13 billion by 2019.  Clearly, it’s time to think about adding gaming stocks to your portfolio if you’ve been on the sidelines.  Activision Blizzard, Inc. is the maker of the ever popular “Call of Duty” and “World of Warcraft.”  Their shares rose 76.6% this year and Take-Two Interactive Software have been on the rise as well.  “Grand Theft Auto” and new content called “Red Dead” continue to dominate the market, and the versatility of the new gaming system released worldwide by Nintendo earlier this year have led to sales of a whopping 5 million units of Nintendo’s Switch.

With Switch your family will have the latest in gaming technology, and it’s available right now at GameStop.  But don’t shop GameStop without a Groupon coupon. Shop Groupon right now and apply codes that can save you as much as $200 off a new console with trade-in, or 20% off select merchandise.

Players love the mobility of the console which can be connected to a television, or switched out to adapt to a mobile device.  Just imagine how much fun the family will have as they gather around the entertainment center after a delicious Thanksgiving meal this year.  Millions will fill the time between the first meal and dessert by firing up the latest games in their arsenal, and you’ll want your family to have the newest releases.  Either way you look at it, gaming is an industry you should invest both time and money in right now.

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